"Meet  the  long  gun  of  the  law."

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                      "Let's  investigate."

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So the darkness shall be the light.
Years have gone by and the greek gods were no longer relied on as they were during their time, giving the gods more leisure time and enabling Hades- under the guise as Aiden, more time to roam the land above. Though mortals no longer prayed for the gods, his duties remained the same for death never stopped. That aside, he yearned to learn more about the land above since his decision to open his own shop in the city. With the goal in mind, he knew he had push away his quiet habits and learn how to fit in with mortals.

" If you’d let me, I’d like to know more about you. Perhaps we can be friends? "
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       "Same city, new faces, new hopes, a new life." 

After several breaches of trust with the security entrusted to his prestigious family, Chanyeol disappeared for a while to ensure the safety of his family and his title as an heir. He now comes back to the city as a writer in the hopes of starting over again. 

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Which means that we need more applicants for this to go well ~ soooo we are waiting for your delightful applications everyone~



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