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Hey, what’s up? I’m Minsu. Yeah that purple headed being is me. To be honest, I’m not exactly new. But I’m new with this account. My dashboard is extremely dead (I swear, it is) and I need people to follow and be friends with. Well, you know the drill. Follow / Like / Reblog and I’ll follow you. That’s a guarantee. I don’t bite, so no worries. (Wait maybe I do)

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❝I’m addicted to silence and privacy; I wallow in it.❞

— Valorie Wesley



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I need help. Can you help me? I’m pretty new around here and I get lost easily, man. I’d be forever in your debt. Bless you, honey.

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                                       Pᴀʀᴋ Kʏᴜɴɢʀɪ // 90 ʟɪɴᴇʀ.
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-- the underground is his home, and debauchery is what he strives for.
he is a contagion, designed to ruin you from the inside out. he is dashing and suave, his touch gentle; and yet at the smallest sign of submission he will strike.
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I’m incredibly lonely and in need of some friends, so would you kindly reblog and follow for me? I’ll treat you to some food and tell you how good you look today.


"Because I'm happy~!"

Meet So Happy. Self-named at the approximate age of five, this young woman is the energetic main dancer of ICE Entertainment's girl group, Juliet.

"You! Hey, you! Let's be friends!"

All she’s looking for is a little company to kick back and relax with when she has no schedules busying her day. Want to lend a hand?

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                                      Hello, BamBam here and I’m 1/7 of Got7

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The semester was beginning and Sehun wasn’t too sure how it would go now, especially since the professors in his department were rather upset with him over something that he felt very justified about. As he walked down the busy streets of Seoul, he held tightly onto the books he had just purchased—some were only bought for the sole purpose of tutoring from them. School wasn’t the only thing weighing on his mind this time—what was he to do about that small stack of papers? He had to act soon, didn’t he? He knew what he needed to do, but it was difficult for him to even imagine actually doing it. He—

Will you look at that? He’s dropped his books everywhere.

With a tired sigh he knelt down against the pavement, picking up what he could quickly to save them from being stepped on. He stacked the books one top of another, just like how his worries were doing these last few weeks. Reaching out for the last book he watched in horror as someone stepped on it.

Today just wasn’t going to be a good day.

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Eyebrows rose ever so slightly as the actress divulged, albeit through fairly muffled confession, more of the secret she’d been harboring for however long. The surprise aspect had already passed; any prolonged display of it would’ve been categorized as insincere and he honestly had no real shock beyond the initial appearance of the book. This was, again, something that he encountered through work in a number of ways—his mentor actually seemed to get a kick out of exposing Xavier to the oddest concepts, civilizations, and concoctions that could be found. That wasn’t to say, of course, that the shock factor had completely dissipated, leaving the archivist with a highly desensitized mind: he had just seen enough in his short lifetime to move past being weighed down with surprise.

"The rest?" The librarian’s brows appeared to rise higher as his head dropped a bit, bringing his chin closer to his chest without making contact; his curiosity was now peaked. Those entities persons’ called witches were usually depicted with a power over many aspects of nature or some violation of it, but the one he’d encountered in reality had been a specialist in one particular area. Granted, his skeptical nature was far more pronounced then than it was now, so his exploration of the woman’s full range of abilities hadn’t comprised much of his time. Aya was a friend, however, so perhaps he’d be inclined to invest some. He just prayed that investment did not include the sharing of his own secret.

"Listen. As intrigued as I am, there’s no need to come forward with what you are capable of; knowing the weight of some secrets, it might be best you don’t share much else."

aya covered her mouth to hold back her chuckled when seeing the reaction to her saying she had more powers. she had completely understood more or less what  was going on in his head. aya was well aware that xavier also held a secret and it was rather evident that he didn’t plan to share. according to her calculations there was a 70% chance he’d tell her to keep her secret and not reveal more, a 10% possibility to ask her more about it in exchange of revealing something about him - quite low - and there was a twenty per cent possibility he would try to find her secret without any form of exchange. 

when he said she should keep her secret she felt revealed. it seemed like xavier was the man she had mostly believed him to be. “thank you” she said patting gently his shoulder . “i’m glad you don’t plan to ask who exactly i am. i’m aya and i’m a friend, this is the truth. now can you check that book for me? even in the archives of my people this writing is unknown…” she said wiggling her lips and nose while thinking whether it was possible for xavier to analyze it. 

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"Oh! You saw the drama?", she asks with surprise. "Yes, yes, I wanted to avenge the death of my father", Juri laughs covering her mouth. "You want the dvd box?, you liked it that much, Aya-chan?", she smiles because her friend likes her work, which is very important for her. "I’m sure it will be a quiet beach. Look!", she says, pointing at the sky through the window, "the sun is out and there are not many clouds, so it is a nice weather. What do you enjoy the most? filming dramas or commercials and photoshoots? For me, photoshoots are a bit boring, you have to stay still for a long time and you should also find good poses and some photographers can be very cranky", she laughs.

"ah no no i didn’t get to watch it because i was filming during the time it aired but this is why i’m buying the dvd box. so i can watch it. i liked one of your previous works a lot. like nodame cantabile, the drama as a whole i didn’t like how nodame kept getting hit by the man who loves her but you know it’s anime so i get it?" she nodded."your role was cute. i also liked the sunao ni narenakute role. i haven’t seen you do something dark yet though so alice no toge is perfect to watch." she explained and then looking outside at the window she nodded. 

"mhmmm i like a calm sea. we are soon going to reach our station we’ll just walk for a bit until the beach." she said with a smile. when she was asked what she preferred she chuckled. "i can’t really pick. i like filming the dramas more? but i like photoshoots too. i have never had a trouble with the poses and the photographer usually likes my cooperation with his ideas" she said chuckling. "i wonder why." 


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